Mail Auth Module - Auth-Server local unix socket support

Simon Lécaille slecaille at
Tue Apr 6 17:23:07 MSD 2010

Hi all,

Because I need it, I add the unix socket support to Mail Auth Module.
Now if nginx mail auth module receives Auth-Server containing a sock 
path e.g :

HTTP/1.0 200 OK
Auth-Status: OK
Auth-Server: /tmp/cyrus.sock
Auth-Port: [SomethingOrNot]
Auth-User: user at domain.tld
Auth-Pass: password

Nginx will be able to connect to the socket (e.g /tmp/cyrus.sock)

I'm writting the tests set for prove.

Patch in this mail (nginx-0.8.35)

For people who wonder why :
Unix sockets allow me to restrict rights and permissions on cyrus.
By chrooting a lot of services, bad local users could contact cyrus from 
localhost with tcp connections.
With unix sockets, the problem is now solved.

Best regards,

(Logo EmisFr)
/Infogérance totale ou partagée, sur site ou distante, Développements 
sur mesure web 2.0/
10 rue Mazagran, 54000 NANCY, France
Tel/Fax.: +33.3 83 32 25 75
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