stop body filter execution until header_filter chain is finished

Mirko Dziadzka mirko.dziadzka at
Fri Aug 6 19:10:18 MSD 2010


I'm using a header-filter and a body-filter.

The header filter creates a subrequest and change the header in response

static ngx_int_t aod_response_header_filter(ngx_http_request_t *r)
    if (ctx->state == ...)
        // setup subrequest
        res = ngx_http_subrequest(....)
        return NGX_AGAIN;

    // handle subrequest response
    return aod_enforcer_next_header_filter(r);
so far, this works fine. However, during the execution of the
subrequest, the response_body_filter of the main request is called. Is
there a way to postpone this until the header_filter is finished?

Thanks for your help


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