Mail Auth Module - Local Unix Socket Auth-Server support

Stéphane BERTHELOT sberthelot at
Mon Aug 16 21:32:13 MSD 2010

  Hello everyone,

Following what Simon Lecaille (my coworker) did in April and advices 
from Maxim I prepared the following patch to use parse_url function to 
allow Local Unix Socket in Auth-Server on Mail Auth Module.
I didn't see a patch by Igor inbetween so I wrote it...

The patch is currently missing "port" (especially on INET/INET6) usage 
(since it's not needed in Unix Socket I first tried this way). It will 
add it back very soon but I need some advice on it. Should I allow empty 
port and concatenate it only when not empty ? Should we allow port to be 
passed on Auth-Server line ? (ie. localhost:9100)
Port should certainly be ignored when using Unix Socket to avoid messing 
with the real path ...

Any comment on code/indent/style is welcome so I can improve this patch 
and ask for inclusion later.

Best regards,


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