On limited variable usage

Simas Toleikis simast at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 15:09:24 MSD 2010


So is there any reason why some configuration directives can't use certain


alias $document_root/my/stuff;

Will trigger "the $document_root variable may not be used in the "alias"
directive" error.

However, the following trick:

set $root $document_root;
alias $root/my/stuff;

.. will simply remove this restriction.

And another note (not sure if it is related) but:

root /my/root;
access_log $document_root/logs/;

will expand into "/path/to/nginx/my/root/logs"

That is, it will prefix nginx install path when used in this way (might be a
bug?). And error_log directive seems to not allow variables at all.

I find this behavior very limiting that usually requires a lot of path
duplications in config file. So the question is, is there any reason why
variable expansion can't be unified and be the same for all directives?

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