GeoIPv6 patch

Gregor Kališnik gregor at
Sat Jun 11 22:19:52 MSD 2011


On Saturday 11 of June 2011 16:54:18 you wrote:
> Unrelated whitespace breakage.  There are multiple other style
> issues, too.

There souldn't be any now in this patch.

> I don't really like this aproach.  Result looks to cluttered with
> #if's and hard to read.  Probably it's good idea to try to produce
> something better.

Put one #if .. #endif block at the begining. Not sure if it's good enough 
(does inherit compile errors, but makes two identical pathways)...

> Using inet_ntop/sprintf/inet_pton to map ipv4 binary address to
> ipv4-mapped ipv6 binary address is cool.  :)
> What about just setting appropriate bytes?

Now using binary operators :).

> It's probably good idea to centralize all these checks at
> configuration stage.
> Please also note that nginx style is to use 4 spaces for
> indentation, and always use {}.

I added three variables to configure struct (is_<type>_ipv6).

> Some configure checks for ipv6 support in libgeoip may also be
> needed as I have no idea if recent libgeoip versions are widely
> availabe on some known-to-be-slow Linux'es.  Not sure, but it at
> least deserves some investigation.
> Maxim Dounin

Added a check into auto/unix. Check for availability of database type names.

Best regards,
Gregor Kališnik
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