GeoIPv6 patch

Gregor Kališnik gregor at
Wed Jun 22 01:12:08 MSD 2011


On Tuesday 21 of June 2011 20:52:51 you wrote:
> Hello!
> Ah, ok, I see now.  IPv6 support appeared in libgeoip 1.4.5, but
> it was rather limited.  So the test for (at least one) constant
> appeared in 1.4.7 is indeed required.

I believe GEOIP_CITY_EDITION_REV0_V6 constant would be sufficient (random pick 
:) ).

> Please include attached patch for configure part (on top of
> yours).
> It cleans up some minor things in original code (missing
> ngx_feature_incs, extra trailing "/" in ngx_feature_path for
> NetBSD port, missing ngx_feature_path for FreeBSD port, missing
> CORE_INCS modification) and modifies your code to not set
> "ngx_feature_path" and "ngx_feature_libs".  This allows correct
> detection of ipv6 support if library was found on non-default
> path.

I haven't found any patch that you are referring to (or did I misread your 

Best regards,
Gregor Kališnik
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