nginx crash

António P. P. Almeida appa at
Wed Nov 23 04:01:29 UTC 2011

On 14 Nov 2011 16h57 WET, magicbearmo at wrote:

> Hello,
> I think is also not relative to crash, when I increase the zone key
> size, crash hasn't happen again (but my upstream are also up), so I
> still unknown where has the crash happen.
> Just I had update all of my server to 1.1.8, I want to test for your
> config because some of my server has running dynamic page, and they
> aren't return the Content-Length.

I'm having a similar issue. The php-fpm workers stop responding and
since the FCGI cache lifetime is 15s I get a bunch of SEGVs on the
cache manager.

I'm increasing the cache keys zone size from 5M to 10M. I know you
guys at are busy people, but please look into this issue. Is
really making Nginx sensitive to failings in apps. Which it shouldn't
be since there's a clear separation between app and server. That's
IMHO one big selling point, among many others of course.

--- appa

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