Need advice on implementing alternate upstream protocol

J.Q. S. q2011oct at
Sat Oct 1 06:16:31 UTC 2011

I could use some advice on how best to proceed -

I am exploring the idea of using a datagram protocol to broadcast http-like
requests to a cluster of backend servers, where one of the servers will
respond with either a small payload to send directly to the browser or a
pointer to a network device where a file can be read and sent back. I won't
know which server will respond, responses could come back in a different
order then I send them, and each worker would have a single datagram socket
for receiving responses to queries from the same worker.

The most significant question I need to answer, would it be better to try
and do this within the upstream/proxy framework nginx provides, or to do an
independent module.

If working with upstream/proxy, I could use some advice on where to hook in
my datagram connect/send/receive functions.

If an independent module, any advice other then maybe looking at
ngx_resolver and maybe the fastcgi module as starting points?
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