rewritten redirect with relative url

Maxim Dounin mdounin at
Wed Feb 1 01:13:41 UTC 2012


On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 03:39:03PM -0800, Dave Bailey wrote:

> Hi,
> In ngx_http_upstream_rewrite_location(), r->upstream->rewrite_redirect may
> replace the Location header value with a new value.  This value ends up
> going through ngx_http_header_filter(), and if it's a relative URL, the
> header filter adds a scheme and host to it.  However, if
> r->upstream->rewrite_redirect declines (rc = NGX_DECLINED) to rewrite the
> redirect, the value does not go through ngx_http_header_filter() even if it
> is a relative URL.
> Is this intended behavior?  If it is not, I attached a patch that sets
> r->headers_out.location consistently.

I believe the intended behaviour is:

1. If we got relative redirect from a backend and are going to pass it 
   to a client - don't touch it.  It's backend which breaks RFC, so 
   we don't care.

   In the code path without upstream->rewrite_redirect set you may even see
   special code to protect such redirects:

    if (ho->[0] != '/') {
        r->headers_out.location = ho;

     * we do not set r->headers_out.location here to avoid the handling
     * the local redirects without a host name by ngx_http_header_filter()

    return NGX_OK;

2. If we are about to produce our own relative redirect - make 
   sure it will be properly converted to absolute one by the header 

The code looks correct here.

The problem I see is that if rewrite_redirect() returns  
NGX_DECLINED, the r->headers_out.location won't be set and it 
won't be possible to clear it in case we'll need to.

The same applies to relative redirects from a backend though, and 
requires reconsidering of the "don't set r->headers_out.location 
to avoid handling by ngx_http_header_filter()" policy to make 
mentioned clearing indeed possible.

Maxim Dounin

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