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> Hello,
> On 2/5/12 3:37 PM, potworyk wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am wondering if nginx project have any plans to be mentoring
>> organization in current GSoC (Google Summer of Code)? It would be
>> great for project and for students like me.
>> Personally I am currently doing research on SPDY protocol on
>> university. I've also read that nginx has done some research in
>> that area and as Mozilla added support for SPDY its going to be
>> hot topic again. I have to write some code as a part of my work
>> so I thought that I could do something for open source community
>> particularly nginx project and implement some basic SPDY
>> support.
>> If you don't want SPDY, maybe there are other task for students?
>>  Yes, it's probably a good idea.  We don't have any plans there and
> really need to learn more about GSoC in general.
> Re SPDY: we have some plans for its support.   Will release some
> news soon.
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Sorry for some offtop, but I'm interested too in Nginx to be mentoring
organization. I have C programming skills and want to write some code for
nginx. Are there some other ideas not realized yet?
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