[ANN] Test::Nginx 0.23 released

Yichun Zhang (agentzh) agentzh at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 04:11:15 UTC 2014


I've just uploaded Test::Nginx 0.23 to CPAN:


It will appear on the CPAN mirror near you in the next few hours or so.

Special thanks go to all our contributors and users :)

Here's the complete change log for this release (compared to the last
CPAN release, 0.22):

 *   feature: added new section --- response_body_unlike. thanks
     Rickey Visinski for the patch.

 *   feature: allow use of the $ServerPort and $ServerPortForClient
     variables in "--- response_headers".

 *   feature: now we automatically kill the process listening on the
     mocked TCP port when we have tried for more than 20 times.

 *   feature: added new section "--- http09" to Test::Nginx::Socket
     to indicate use of HTTP 0.9 requests.

 *   feature: added support for the $LIBLUA_PATH variable in "---
     stap", which evaluates to the absolute path of the liblua*.so
     DSO loaded by the nginx server.

 *   feature: we skipped reading the response body for 101 responses.

 *   feature: added new section "--- post_main_config" to add custom
     top-level configuration snippets right after the http {} block
     generated by Test::Nginx.

 *   feature: added unix domain socket support for tcp_listen. thanks
     Jiale Zhi for the patch.

 *   feature: added new sections "--- grep_error_log" and "---

 *   feature: added utility function check_accum_error_log for
     checking the accumulated error logs in "--- error_log" and "---

 *   feature: added utility Perl function server_port_for_client.
     thanks doujiang for the patch.

 *   feature: added configuration Perl function server_name(). thanks
     doujiang for the original patch.

 *   feature: added new module Test::Nginx::Socket::Lua.

 *   feature: automatically test if there is any assertion failures
     in the nginx error logs.

 *   feature: when nginx process is gone unexpectedly, we
     automatically tail the nginx error log file.

 *   feature: added the "--- no_check_leak" section to skip test
     blocks in the "check leak" testing mode.

 *   feature: "--- no_error_log" accepts a single Perl Regexp object
     now, just like "--- error_log".

 *   bugfix: Test::Nginx::Socket tried to read response bodies for
     304 responses.

 *   bugfix: we did not try hard enough before killing the nginx
     process by force.

 *   bugfix: improved the error handling when recv() fails on the
     HTTP connection.

 *   bugfix: subtests for "--- tcp_query", "--- tcp_query_len", and
     "--- udp_query" disabled test plan checks.

 *   bugfix: we did not pass the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment to nginx
     when systemtap is used.

 *   bugfix: "--- error_log" should work on each test request's own
     logs only.

 *   bugfix: server address should default to instead of

 *   bugfix: made the test skip messages better.

 *   change: removed "env LUA_PATH" and "env LUA_CPATH" from the
     default nginx configuration generated.

 *   change: set --num-callers=100 to valgrind by default.

 *   doc: Test::Nginx::Socket: documented the various exported Perl
     functions like "run_tests", "repeat_each", and "no_shuffle".

This Perl module provides a test scaffold based on IO::Socket or LWP
for automated testing in Nginx C module or ngx_lua-based Lua library

This class inherits from Test::Base, thus bringing all its declarative
power to the NginxC module testing practices.

Please check out the full documentation on CPAN:


All of our Nginx modules (as well as our lua-resty-* libraries) are
using Test::Nginx to drive their test suites. And it is also driving
my test cluster running on Amazon EC2:


Please note that this module is completely different from the
Test::Nginx module created by Maxim Dounin.

The git repository for this Perl module is hosted on GitHub:


Have fun!

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