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Steven Lu lus at
Wed Nov 5 07:02:21 UTC 2014

Thanks. This is what I want. But the readme is pretty simple. Are there
any complete document guiding me to run them?

More questions about the tests:
1. Do I need to install several web servers to test nginx reverse proxy
features, or the test suites can simulate the web servers?
2. Any test tools for performance tests?

On 11/5/14, 2:39 PM, "Xiaochen Wang" <wangxiaochen0 at> wrote:

>On Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 1:44 PM, Steven Lu <lus at> wrote:
>> Hello
>> I am looking for some test tools, test cases, test dataset for nginx to
>> if my changes introduce any regression issues. But I did not find them
>> the nginx community. Can anyone point me where I can find them if there
>You can get nginx test cases in
>xK-qsXPbqBTF8wLUOxWgUHZRJ_g-A&e= .
>And the README file in this project will tell you how to run these cases.
>> If no, how to do something like pre-commit test for nginx?
>> Thanks
>> Steven
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