nginx http-core enhancement: named location in subrequests + directive use_location

Sergey Brester serg.brester at
Wed Apr 29 07:18:11 UTC 2015



enclosed you will find an attached changeset, that: 

- allows to fast use of named location in sub requests, such as
auth_request, etc. Currently no named location was possible in any sub
requests, real (or internal) locations only.

# now you can use named location in sub requests:
# auth_request /auth_loc/;
auth_request @auth_loc; 

- in addition, a second mini-commit (37d7786e7015) with new directive
"use_location" as alias or replacement for "try_files" with no file
argument and without checking the existence of file(s):

# try_files "" @loc
use_location @loc

It was allready more times discussed (goto location, etc.).

PS. If someone needs a git version of it: [1] 



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