nginx report a timestamp on upstream_response_time

Dani Bento dani at
Tue Feb 10 11:54:57 UTC 2015


We are using nginx 1.6.2 and we found in our logs a strange behavior
when connecting to an upstream.

We found that in ngx_http_upstream.c:1213 we have:

u->state->response_sec = tp->sec;
u->state->response_msec = tp->msec;

which gave to the last state the current ngx time (ngx_timeofday()).

For some reason, the ngx_http_upstream_finalize_request(), where those
values are updated to the correct value, doesn't run (we observe that
most of the times, but not all the times, it happens after a 302 given
by then upstream).

This is a normal behavior? If yes, have we any way to avoid those pikes
in the logs?

Dani Bento
Direção de Internet e Tecnologia
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