suspected bug in devpoll

Arne Jansen lists at
Mon Feb 16 14:46:08 UTC 2015


I suspect a bug in the devpoll implementation. What I see is this:

recv() failed (134: Transport endpoint is not connected) while reading response
header from upstream

truss (solaris) tells me that nginx has done a connect() = EINPROGRESS, directly
followed by a read() on that socket, getting the ENOTCONN error.

What I suspect is as follows:
I have two fds waiting for an event. Both get ready at the same time.
ngx_devpoll_process_events fetches both from the kernel. While handling the
first event, the second fd gets closed, reopened and connected (with
EINPROGRESS). Afterwards, ngx_devpoll_process_events handles the already
received event for the other fd. This leads to a read() call even though the
socket is not connected yet.
What I'm missing is code in ngx_devpoll_del_event that deletes revents from
the global event_list, but I'm not sure if that's the right way to approach
this and how it is supposed to synchronize with ngx_devpoll_process_events.


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