Fix windows issue with multiple workers

Sergey Brester serg.brester at
Mon Jun 22 09:33:45 UTC 2015


enclosed you will find an amend fix as replacement to 
"_sb-win-multi-worker-add-3.patch" (just forgotten to save after 
renaming NGX_SINGLE_WORKER <-> NGX_CONF_UNSET_PTR, before it was 

18.06.2015 21:55, Maxim Dounin:

> As I already tried to explain, the approach with inherited sockets
> is basically identical to what nginx does on UNIX with fork().
> There are no reasons to keep things different if you can do it
> similarly on both platforms.

But it's not even roughly similar, see "win32/ngx_process.c" + 
"win32/ngx_process_cycle.c" in comparission to unix...
This is already at all a biggish difference to unix.

> The goal is to minimize code bloat, not maximize it.

Let me think a bit, how I can make it a little smaller, or unite some 
code-pieces with unix.

Regards, sebres.
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