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I'm sure you can do that using on-board "equipment" of nginx, without
deep integrating to the nginx (without write of own module). 

You can use for this a "post_action", something like:

 post_action @after_request_location; 

But (There is always a "but":), according to my last known stand: 

- the feature "post_action" is asynchronously;
- the feature is not documentated (and possibly not recommended to
use);- if location "executed" in post_action uses upstreams (fcgi,
proxy_pass, etc.), it will always breaks a keepalive connection to the
upstream channel (possibly fixed, but I've missed). 


Am 10.11.2015 19:51, schrieb Julien FROMENT: 

> Hello, 
> We would like to use Nginx to keep track of exactly what part of an upstream's server response was sent over a socket. Nginx could call an API asynchronously with the number of bytes sent over the socket for a given request. 
> Here is the pseudo code: 
> -- Client send a request 
> -- Nginx processes the request and send it to the upstream 
> ... 
> -- The upstream returns the response 
> -- Nginx sends the response to the client 
> -- Nginx calls Async API with the number of bytes sent 
> I read a little bit of "Emiller's Guide To Nginx Module Development", and I think we could write a Handler that provide some tracking information. But I am unsure if it is possible to hook it at a low enough level for our needs. 
> Are there any expert on this mailing list that could provide us consulting services and guide us through the development of such functionality? 
> Thanks in advance! 
> Julien 
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