reverse proxy HTTP->HTTPS

Andrey Y. Ostanovsky andrey at
Tue Jun 3 11:50:24 MSD 2008

dm.dv at wrote:
> Hi ALL!
> Sorry for my silly question. I’m tying to set up NGINX as a reverse
> proxy to translate HTTP->HTTPS.
> Frontend (NGINX) and Backend (Sun Webserver 7.0) are situated at
> different servers.
> HTTP->HTTP work without any problem, but I cannot make works
> HTTP->HTTPS (if it is possible at all).
> OS: sun solaris 10 (sparc). Could you please tell me what I’m doing

Minimum requirements:

1. Nginx must be compiled with option --with-http_ssl_module (not
included by default).
2. SSL server must listen tcp port 443, have ssl certificate+key files
and "ssl on;" directive.

Best regards, Andrey Y. Ostanovsky
St. Petersburg

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