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Mon Aug 14 19:09:30 MSD 2006

Changes with nginx 0.3.58                                        14 Aug 2006

     *) Feature: the "error_page" directive supports the variables.

     *) Change: now the procfs interface instead of sysctl is used on Linux.

     *) Change: now the "Content-Type" header line is inherited from first
        response when the "X-Accel-Redirect" was used.

     *) Bugfix: the "error_page" directive did not redirect the 413 error.

     *) Bugfix: the trailing "?" did not remove old arguments if no new
        arguments were added to a rewritten URI.

     *) Bugfix: nginx could not run on 64-bit FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT.

Igor Sysoev

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