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Wed Feb 8 18:32:46 MSK 2006

Changes with nginx 0.3.27                                        08 Feb 2006

     *) Change: the "variables_hash_max_size" and
        "variables_hash_bucket_size" directives.

     *) Feature: the $body_bytes_sent variable can be used not only in the
        "log_format" directive.

     *) Feature: the $ssl_protocol and $ssl_cipher variables.

     *) Feature: the cache line size detection for widespread CPUs at start

     *) Feature: now the "accept_mutex" directive is supported using
        fcntl(2) on platforms different from i386, amd64, sparc64, and ppc.

     *) Feature: the "lock_file" directive and the --with-lock-path=PATH
        autoconfiguration directive.

     *) Bugfix: if the HTTP protocol was used in the "proxy_pass" directive
        then the requests with the body did not transferred.

Igor Sysoev

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