Can directory for temporary files be on tmpfs

Igor Sysoev is at
Thu Jun 1 07:01:22 MSD 2006

On Thu, 1 Jun 2006, Yusuf Goolamabbas wrote:

> nginx when configured as a reverse proxy seems to utilise two directories
> a) nginx http client request body temporary files: $prefix/client_body_temp
> b) nginx http proxy temporary files: $prefix/proxy_temp
> The assumption I'm making is that nginx buffers the client body in the
> directory when client_body_size is greater than
> client_body_buffer_size and on the response writes out the response to
> the directory if the response size is greater than proxy_buffers

Yes. proxy_buffer_size + proxy_buffers.

> Also, can the above directories be placed on tmpfs (memory
> filesystems). If so, are there any guidelines on sizing the filesystem

Yes, they may be on tmpfs, however, I do not think that it will be better,
then using large number of the proxy_buffers. proxy_buffers are
allocated on demand only.

Sorry, right now I'm going away until June 16.

Igor Sysoev

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