Streaming responses to the client

Paul Dlug paul.dlug at
Fri Apr 20 09:21:31 MSD 2007

Perhaps there's an obvious answer to this question but it doesn't seem
to be documented anywhere...

I have nginx running as a reverse proxy for a web application serving
several large pages. Without nginx the page incrementally loads in the
browser (streaming response) so the user is able to view it as it
loads. Behind nginx the it hesitates and loads in one chunk. This
indicates that nginx is reading the response from the backend and then
serving it rather than streaming it to the client as it loads.

Is there anyway to get nginx to stream responses? To compare, Perlbal
has this behavior implemented and the difference in the perceived
speed when a large page loads is significant. If nginx can stream
responses I assume it would be possible to turn off buffering to a
file completely.


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