Client closed keepalive connection

Wilson Bilkovich wilsonb at
Fri Apr 27 21:39:40 MSD 2007

I am having some difficulty with nginx as a load balancer on MacOS X (Intel).
I am running 0.5.19, but the problem occurs with recent earlier
versions as well.

With "use kqueue"
2007/04/26 22:26:15 [info] 4133#0: *3048 kevent() reported that client closed keepalive connection

With "use poll"
2007/04/26 22:59:48 [info] 10189#0: *375 client closed
keepalive connection

On the client side, I get a "Socket closed." error.  My HTTP client is
not configured to use keepalive, which makes the error message seem
very strange.
The only 'weird' thing I am doing is sending a '100 Continue' response
from the back-end server.
Does nginx have different behavior when I send back a 100?


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