pls. explain ngx_http_stub_status_module

Martin Minka martin.minka at
Mon Apr 30 17:49:25 MSD 2007

1. Hope it is ok that I added your explanation to english wiki.

2. The RRD script is gathering data only each minute. It would be great to
get information accumulated between now and latest request with RESET
parameter (like http://<server>/nginx_status?RESET. The values should be
max(), min(), avg(), count(of status changes). I saw on the page request about extended
server-status ... I support this request as middle priority. 

3. I would vote for "Smart load balancing" with highest mark. It would be
great if nginx could automaticaly adjust what server to use. Unfortunately I
am running very differend hardware on my backend servers and it is difficult
to set the height between them. I am not sure how difficult it could be to
implement some heartbeat metrics or compare response time of the same URL
(maybe set as default) from different servers.

Thank you for this great product and please don't get boring on this project
Martin Minka

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On Mon, Apr 30, 2007 at 01:23:59PM +0200, Martin Minka wrote:

> coul you please explain the numbers in stub_status ?
> for example:
> Active connections: 291
> server accepts handled requests
>  16630948 16630948 31070465
> Reading: 6 Writing: 179 Waiting: 106
> sincerely,
> Martin Minka

The stub status module reports status similar to mathopd's one:
nginx was used as drop-in replacement on one of our sites/

active connections - number of all open connections including connections to

 server accepts handled requests
  16630948 16630948 31070465 

nginx accepted 16630948 connections, handled 16630948 connections (no one
was closed just it was accepted), and handles 31070465 requests
(1.8 requests per connection)

reading - nginx reads request header;
writing - nginx reads request body, processes request, or writes response to
a client waiting - keep-alive connections, actullay = active - (reading +

Igor Sysoev

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