Search and replace query string

Chuck Vose vosechu at
Mon Aug 6 23:12:11 MSD 2007

Since I didn't get a response I thought I would try a second
clarifying email and see if it makes more sense to the people that

We're trying to take urls like this:
and turn them into urls like this:

This is easy if there are a fixed number of variables in the query
string but we don't have that. Sometimes we have /test1=test2 but
sometimes it's /test1=test2&test3=test4&test5=test6&test7=test8, etc.
I think the most we'll ever have is about 5 deep but I'm not sure.

So is there any way to have a search and replace regex? I couldn't
find any examples of s///g regex's in the documentation. Do I need to
get mod_perl involved or do we need to move to apache? Maybe it's just
time to reassess but this seems like an awesome solution if we can get
it rolling.

> Here's the code I've tried to create.
> if ($query_string ~ ^(s/(\?|&|=)(?:)/\//g)$) {
>   set $new_url $1;
>   rewrite ^(.*)$ $new_url.html break;
> }

Thanks again,
Chuck Vose

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