Strict date equality for If-Modified-Since comparison?

Igor Sysoev is at
Wed Aug 15 19:35:25 MSD 2007

On Wed, Aug 15, 2007 at 05:13:36PM +0200, Brice Figureau wrote:

> After a few tests of unsuccessful attempts to trigger a 304 with nginx
> 0.6.1 with If-Modified-Since, I thrown an eye to the source...

Have you tried in browser ?

> >From my understanding nginx returns a 304 only if If-Modified-Since
> matches exactly Last-Modified.
> Apache is more liberal and returns a 304 for any date greater or equals
> than the last-modified.
> Is-it not too strict?
> I know that RFC2616 (section 14.25) adds a note about comparison and does
> not enforce any specific methods...

I prefer to use Last-Modified as tag.
The browsers remember LM and then use this value in IMS requests.

Igor Sysoev

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