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Thu Aug 16 15:10:49 MSD 2007

On Aug 16, 2007, at 05:49 , Winnie wrote:
> I have 2 openwebmail servers behind one Nginx server.....also,  
> openwebmail
> server A contain user name A to user name K and openwebmail server  
> B contain
> user name L to user name Z....then,for example, how can "user A" login
> openwebmail server A automatically (without knowning server A ip  
> address, only
> typing Nginx ip address) i need to install openwebmail in  
> Nginx server??? I
> don't know how to do this "proxy" ??....I can't find any articles  
> related to
> openwebmail servers and Nginx server....

Use regex in the locations to match the username and direct to the  
appropriate backend.

location /...[a-kA-K].../ { # some regex to detect user a-k
#proxy to A-K server

location /...[l-zL-Z].../ { # some regex to detect user l-z
#proxy to L-Z server


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