What is new in Nginx 0.6.x than Nginx 0.5.x?

Igor Sysoev is at rambler-co.ru
Sun Aug 19 18:15:40 MSD 2007

On Sun, Aug 19, 2007 at 10:35:27AM +0000, Murat wrote:

> I use nginx 0.5.31 because it is stated as "stable" but I would like to know 
> what is new / updated in nginx 0.6.x release. I also would like to know if we 

0.6.x is development branch. After new features and some bugfixes have been
tested in 0.6.x, they go to stable branch - 0.5.x.
The main features that currently are not merged into stable branch are:

    *) Change: now the paths specified in the "include", 
       "auth_basic_user_file", "perl_modules", "ssl_certificate", 
       "ssl_certificate_key", and "ssl_client_certificate" directives are 
       relative to directory of nginx configuration file nginx.conf, but no 
       to nginx prefix directory.

    *) Feature: the "server_name", "map", and "valid_referers" directives 
       supports the "www.example.*" wildcards.

    *) Feature: the "server_name" and "valid_referers" directives support 
       regular expressions.

    *) Bugfix: fair big weight upstream balancer.

    *) Feature: the "server" directive in the "upstream" context supports 
       the "backup" parameter.

The detailed list is here - http://nginx.net/CHANGES

> can get linux-aio-sendfile support to nginx sometime in future. I know aio is 
> buggy but hey, it worths the performance gain.

Linux has no aio_sendfile(). Do you mean lighty implementation when it

1) creat() temporary file in /dev/shm/
2) mmap() that file
3) read 64K into mmap()ed shm file using AIO io_sumbit()
4) sendfile() that shm file


I'm not sure that io_sumbit() does zero-copy operation in this case.

I have report that nginx with several workers has more throughput when
serves large files than lighty with linux-aio-sendfile. Could test it ?

Igor Sysoev

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