[wsgi] Python interpreter initialization

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at none.at
Tue Aug 21 18:17:26 MSD 2007

On Die 21.08.2007 15:35, Manlio Perillo wrote:
>Aleksandar Lazic ha scritto:
>>I think that you are right in this way, I think also that a ajp module
>>in nginx will be nice, however the way you go with a nginx => nginx
>>with mod_wsgi looks to me simlar ;-) only the protocol is http.
>Well, it is not required to use another nginx server as a proxy.  Its
>only purpose, in theory is to return a 503 when the wsgi server is

Ah ok sorry have missunderstand you.

>BTW, I put everything behind a nginx proxy :).

Full ack, when I have the change me2 ;-)))

>>Neverless I thank you that you start to work on wsgi bevor I start on
>>ajp so I can learn a lot during your implementation.
>Have you tried to look at the Apache mod_wsgi implementation?

No into lighties.

I have looked into the wsgi spec but for a gateway/proxy I have not seen
the need to add the python intepreter into the gateway/proxy, do you
plan that nginx run the wsgi app, by himself like mod_python in apache?!



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