[dev] how to read client body data

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at libero.it
Wed Aug 22 01:14:00 MSD 2007

Manlio Perillo ha scritto:
> Hi.
> I'm tryng to understand how to read client body data for a request.
>  [...]
> To read the client body data, all I have to do is to set the previous 
> parameters (as I wish) and call ngx_http_read_client_request_body with a 
> "secondary" handler that will receive the request object filled with the 
> necessary data?

One last thing.

If I set the parameters
   request_body_in_file_only = 1
   request_body_in_persistent_file = 0

then the entire request body will be saved in a temporary file and this 
file will be removed when I finalize the request?

The request->request_body->temp_file->file->fd handle is opened for read 
(and will be closed at request finalization)?

Thanks   Manlio Perillo

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