X-Accel-Redirect with filename

Malte Sussdorff malte.sussdorff at cognovis.de
Mon Aug 27 15:25:33 MSD 2007

I am using an internal content repository which does not use the  
filenames to store the content but just numbers. So e.g. malte.gif  
would be 23/34/233401 in the file system.

My OpenACS application picks this up easily because it knows the  
mime_type, the file_name and the location from the database.

My question now is though, would it be possible to have an internal  
location, which not only accepts the file path, but also the  
file_name and mime_type and return that correctly to the user? So my  
webserver could redirect with X-Accel-Redirect to "/files/ 
23/34/233401?file_name=malte.gif&mime_type=image/gif" and nginx would  
deal with correctly returning the file?

Maybe I am asking too much, but http://blog.kovyrin.net/2006/11/01/ 
nginx-x-accel-redirect-php-rails/ brings me already half way.

Alternatively I could always use proxy_store, though I am not sure if  
it handles fine the fact that I would access a file e.g. /images/ 
233401 and my server returns malte.gif, I probably need to test that.


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