upgrading binary

Riku Räisänen riku at helloit.fi
Thu Aug 30 18:48:09 MSD 2007


i've been trying to upgrade my nginx by sending the USR2 (as root and  
nginx) signal to it without any success.

error log:

2007/08/30 17:36:04 [notice] 15169#0: signal 12 (SIGUSR2) received,  
changing binary
2007/08/30 17:36:04 [notice] 15169#0: changing binary
2007/08/30 17:36:04 [alert] 27578#0: execve() failed while executing  
new binary process "nginx" (13: Permission denied)
2007/08/30 17:36:04 [notice] 15169#0: start new binary process 27578
2007/08/30 17:36:04 [notice] 15169#0: signal 17 (SIGCHLD) received
2007/08/30 17:36:04 [notice] 15169#0: new binary process 27578 exited  
with code 1

nginx binary is executable and owned by root.

I've tried chowning the binary to nginx:nginx (the user/group defined  
in nginx.conf) and it doesn't help.

What does the error permission denied mean? What am I doing wrong?

Ystävällisin terveisin,

Riku Räisänen
Profian Oy
riku at helloit.fi
+358 400 882030

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