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On 02.07.2007, at 22:10, Huan Truong wrote:

> Hi all,
Hi !
> I met a very weird problem with nginx and PHP - nginx - in some  
> very rare cases, does not return the whole content of php script.  
> For example, this page:
> ver=20070326&theme=advanced&language=en&lang=en&index=0
> - isn't returned correctly -- It is truncated. Some other files are  
> also truncated, and that files resulted uncompleted web pages.
> One more example:
> Seems that nginx doesn't like php scripts that produce too long  
> results?
No, it looks like backend<-->frontend communication problems  
(missunderstanding :). Is it possible to have nginx debug log for  
such a request ?

> I have checked all the configurations in php.ini and nginx.conf but  
> couldn't find anything wrong - I have updated nginx to the lastest  
> but both .56 and .61 have the same problem.
Actually it looks like problem is gzip compression prodused by php,  
which is not correctly handled by nginx. Likely the same problem was  
discussed in russian nginx mail list two days ago. As a quick  
workaround (at least while Igor is on vacation) try to disbale gzip  
encoding and usage of cached gzipped files on backend by replacing  
tiny_mce_gzip.php with tiny_mce.php. And generally it's better not to  
rely on php gzip/deflate handlers at all - use nginx mod_gzip  
features instead.
> This is my phpinfo file:
> Anyone has experienced this? Please help me.
> Thanks in advance.
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