Integrating Nginx with Heartbeat

Denis Brækhus denis at
Mon Jul 16 16:51:58 MSD 2007


I am looking to implement a HA Nginx setup based on Heartbeat. Ideally my end result will be an active/active setup with two Nginx servers running in front of a serverpool. It will need to handle Nginx/network/OS failures and dynamically reassign the load to the server(s) that are still alive.

Before going ahead I was wondering if anyone has done similar work, and/or have seen any docs/scripts/tools that will make this easier? It seems I will need to create an OCF compliant resource script to monitor and output status from Nginx, I was thinking about modifying the existing init.d scripts to achieve this, it seems what is needed is some altering of exit values and implementation of some XML metadata output.

If anyone is interested in this, or have alternative tips on how to create a HA setup with Nginx (with the exception of expensive hardware, which I can currently not use) I would be glad to hear about it :) I will share the results of my setup when I get something working well.

Best regards
Denis B

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