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Tue Nov 20 11:52:46 MSK 2007

Denis F. Latypoff wrote:

> why aren't you using GET requests instead of POST?

Hello Denis F. Latypoff wrote:

:) I don't use POST but prototype.js (new.Ajax)which i use for AJAX 

my js

function _home() {
  document.getElementById('content').innerHTML = '<div 
style="font-family : \'sans-serif\'; font-size : 0.7em; padding-top : 
25px;">O clip&#259; ... <img src="images/indicator.gif" width="16" 
height="16" border="0"></div>';
!!!!  new Ajax.Updater('content', 'src/home.html', {asynchronous:true, 
evalScripts:true}); !!!
  return false;

prototype.js line 736

this.transport.send(this.options.method == 'post' ? body : null);

Do you know a workaround ?

Thx for reply
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