Fair Proxy Balancer

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On 22.11.2007, at 22:38, Adam Zell wrote:

> Hello,
> In case people haven't seen it:
>  http://www.brainspl.at/articles/2007/11/09/a-fair-proxy-balancer-for-nginx-and-mongrel
> "So EngineYard.com put out a bounty on getting a fair proxy balancer
> that would keep track of when a mongrel is busy and not send requests
> to it until it has finished and is ready to take requests. This means
> that now we can effectively queue inside nginx very efficiently and
> only send requests to non busy mongrels. Thereby avoiding the waiting
> in the wrong line for service problem described above."
> I am guessing that the strategy is at the network level, so it should
> work with non-mongrel back-ends.

good! that means we can get rid of our LVS. i can really agree that  
least-open-connections load balancing adds a lot of speed.


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