disable gzip based on user-agent

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at libero.it
Tue Nov 27 11:21:02 MSK 2007

Ian M. Evans ha scritto:
> On 10/18/07, Wayne E. Seguin wrote:
>  >I also would like to know if this is possible.
> I notice it's been about five weeks and no answer. :-)
> Since IE6 can have problems with gzip'd CSS, being able to turn it off 
> for IE6 would be great.

Maybe a redirect based on user agent?

Pseudo code:

location /css {
    gzip on;

location /css_not_zipped {
     gzip off

if (IE6) {
    rewrite /css /css_not_zipped;

Manlio Perillo

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