let's build nginx server with caching !?

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at none.at
Wed Nov 28 21:30:56 MSK 2007


On Mit 28.11.2007 18:31, Nati Abargel wrote:
>I'm currently using squid for cahcing images (CDN like) from my website
>to serv them from different server's, the probelm with squid it's using
>lot's of CPU usage, can nginx do the same was squid does, storing data
>localy, so it won't need to communicate with the origin server all the

I'am sure you know this but to understand your question right.

Squid is a forwarding proxy
nginx is a webserver, with possibility to forward requests to

You now want to use the nginx 'framework' to build a forwarding proxy as
a separate module like http and mail, is this right?

Yes I think this is a nice idea and a lot of work ;-)



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