Error log questions

Athan Dimoy foxx at
Wed Sep 5 09:14:31 MSD 2007

"Igor Sysoev" <is at> wrote in message 
news:20070904190445.GT94469 at
>   server {
>       error_log   ...
>       ...
>   }

I think my question wasn't clear enough,
I want to use server_log outside server {} context to save nginx messages 
only (startup, application errors, warnings etc). The problem is that even 
when error_log is outside http {...} or server {...}, it still saves all the 
messages of virtual servers ("No such file or directory" etc).

What I want to achieve is to mimic the behavour of Apache ErrorLog 
directive. When I was using Apache, I had this directive in two places, in 
generic server config to log generic application errors and inside each 
virtual host to log domain-specific messages.


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