how to handle "server_name" in intranet environment

Bert Douglas bertd at
Thu Sep 6 23:27:48 MSD 2007

I am planning to make an application server appliance (computer in small box
with no keyboard,display, or mouse).
This is plugged into intranet with fixed private IP address.
Clients will access by entering IP address into browser.
Nginx is used as front end on the appliance.

What should I put in for "server_name"?

Sometimes I see problem when using a "location" directive like "location /abc/".
If the client enters URL like this:   "http://192.168.x.x/abc" instead of
http://192.168.x.x/abc/", that is user leaves off the trailing "/", then the
browser is redirected to "http://localhost/abc/" , which doesn't work.

Can I disable this redirection in the general case?
What do I have to do to avoid triggering the redirection?

Thanks much,
Bert Douglas

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