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Mon Sep 10 21:52:08 MSD 2007

El Mon, 10 Sep 2007 19:33:57 +0200
Manlio Perillo <manlio_perillo at> escribió:

> Adrian Perez de Castro ha scritto:
> > Please note I would not like this to become a starting point for a
> > "bzr vs. hg vs. yourpreferredscm" war... 
> Of course.
> I suggested Mercurial since it can create snapshots for you, but if
> you are already using Bazaar you can just publish you repository,
> thanks.

And it is a nice feature having such a web interface, so I thank you
for making me aware of it, hehe. I promise to take a look at it when I
have some spare time; the problem is: I do not know when I will be able
to (apart from working, I'm also having an exam next September 18th,
and I want to have some social life, too :D)

I have just digged a bit and with Bazaar you can directly create
tarballs with "bzr export something.tar.gz", and with Trac's source
viewer (with the trac-bzr plugin). I do not know about other web
interfaces yet...

Best regards,

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Oficina de Software Libre
Universidade da Coruña        
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