[ANN] mod_wsgi draft

Adrian Perez de Castro adrianperez at udc.es
Sat Sep 15 22:21:38 MSD 2007

El Sat, 15 Sep 2007 18:33:27 +0200
Manlio Perillo <manlio.perillo at gmail.com> escribió:

> I'm pleased to announce the availability of the first working draft
> of the wsgi module for nginx. [...]

Sounds great, I thought it would be nice to have WSGI support right in
Nginx when I started working on my fancyindex module. Then I found your
mails in the list archives, so I abandoned the idea of doing it myself
in order to avoid duplicating efforts :D

So two thumbs up for you!
> There is still a lot of work to do and the current implementation has 
> some limitations [...]

It's great to know whether it is working, and I hope the rough edges
will go away. I will try to test it the next week and I will let you
know about my findings ;-)

> To compile nginx, it suffice to do something like:
> ./configure --add-module=/home/manlio/projects/hg/nginx/mod_wsgi/ \
>              --with-debug
> make
> make install
> from the main directory of the nginx sources (I'm using version
> 0.5.31). [...]

I am using the 0.6.x series, I'll let you know whether the module
builds OK and works with mewer versions.

> I would like to thank Igor Sysoev for having released nginx with an
> Open Source license, and for having written such a good code
> (although I would like to see more documentation :-)).
> Many thanks to Evan Miller for his Guide To Nginx Module Development.

Totally agree with you here :-D

Best regards,

Adrian Perez de Castro               <adrianperez at udc.es>
Oficina de Software Libre     http://softwarelibre.udc.es
Universidade da Coruña                  http://www.udc.es
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