Short success info and critical number of vhosts

Janko Hauser jh at
Sun Sep 23 15:05:16 MSD 2007

Hello, yesterday we switched a zope cluster for 400 sites and 500
vhosts to nginx as a frontserver. Before we used nginx solely as a
proxy behind an apache. The switch worked very well and I'm happy to
have nginx with it's incredible flexibility as frontserver.

Currently I have one file for every vhosts, which is reduced to the
bare minimum and uses includes for the general stuff. Is it a burden
for nginx to read it's config from many files? Would it be better to
put all regular vhosts into one file? I needed to expand

server_names_hash_bucket_size  512;

Is this necessary because of the many sites, is this an expensive
change? I also noticed during testing, when I generated additional
"shadow"-vhosts, that I hit the maximum of allowed open files (I can
probably use ulimit to expand this). Are the config files held open
after the start, or was this limit because of the also opended

Thanks again for your work Igor and the help from this mailinglist.

With regards,

__Janko Hauser

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               mobile: +49 1721 641552

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