Troubles with http basic authentication.

Matteo Niccoli matteo.niccoli at
Fri Sep 28 19:41:32 MSD 2007


I'm trying to enable basic authentication for a location like this:

location /admin {
                        auth_basic      "Restricted";
                        auth_basic_user_file /tmp/.trypass;
                        index index.php5;
                        deny all;

When I try to connect to this location, if I use:

http://$servername/admin/ and I press Esc two times, nginx give me
out: 401 Authorization Required

If I try to connect to:

http://$servername/admin/index.php5 and I press Esc two times,
nginx allow me the access also if I don't have insert username and

It's my mistake or it's a bug?


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