Running out of file descriptors under load

Dan Webb dan at
Tue Apr 1 01:25:40 MSD 2008

Hi All,
I'm running a Rails site with nginx/mongrel on a fairly well specced
dedicated box w/ 4GB RAM and during a spike both the Mongrels and nginx logs
started to complain about running out of file descriptors.  I've googled for
this and not found anything particularly useful so I wondered if anyone here
has experienced this, has any fixes or any tips on how to diagnose the
problem.  The few posts found via Google all recommend adjusting the global
descriptor limits (via ulimit) but its already set high (about 200000) and
there are no per user limits set.  I've not set worker_rlimit_nofile in
nginx but Im not sure thats the problem as the mongrels where hitting the
file descriptor limits as well.

Any wisdom?


Dan Webb

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