Nginx Wiki - alternatives

Alexander Staubo alex at
Thu Apr 3 01:24:34 MSD 2008

On 4/2/08, Cliff Wells <cliff at> wrote:
>  However, as much as I think Plone fits the bill, I've yet to implement
>  anything successfully with Plone (or Zope), so I think I'd rather look
>  elsewhere for something a little less complicated.

I have used Plone and Zope extensively, and while I have great respect
for Zope's technical heritage -- I used to be a Zope developer almost
exclusively -- I would urge anyone to stay a long way away from Plone.

It is horribly complex and inflexible, and any kind of customization
requires a lot of work. And I say this after once having worked with
Plone Solutions as a consultant on what was in theory a very modest,
trivial site.

I would rather recommend a simpler CMS such as Drupal or a proven wiki
such as MediaWiki. You don't need a formal workflow, really; just a
way to restrict editing to verified users, which is something a lot of
CMSs and wikis do just fine.


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