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Ryan Tracey ryan.tracey at
Thu Apr 3 12:26:14 MSD 2008

On 02/04/2008, Alexander Staubo <alex at> wrote:
> On 4/2/08, Cliff Wells <cliff at> wrote:
>  >  However, as much as I think Plone fits the bill, I've yet to implement
>  >  anything successfully with Plone (or Zope), so I think I'd rather look
>  >  elsewhere for something a little less complicated.
> I have used Plone and Zope extensively, and while I have great respect
>  for Zope's technical heritage -- I used to be a Zope developer almost
>  exclusively -- I would urge anyone to stay a long way away from Plone.

Just wondering what you think of Silva which if I am not mistaken is a
"nicer plone". I think there're some knowledge management plugins as

Might be worth looking at:

(As with Plone, all I have done is install it and go: "Now what?")


Ryan Tracey
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