Nginx session-stickiness

Renaud Allard renaud at
Sat Apr 5 01:17:39 MSD 2008

> Pavel Georgiev wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is there any way to achieve session stickiness via Nginx proxying?
>> I`ve read about ip_hash but this is not going to work if one of the 
>> backend servers fails, right? Clients that should go to it wil lnot be 
>> served unless I mark the server as down. If this is what nginx does, 
>> then it is not much os a solution.
>> Also is there any other way for keeping sessions like cookie 
>> tracking/insertion?

If you use php in your applications, there is an extension which is 
called session_mysql. It allows you to store your sessions in a mysql 
database which can be accessed from all your hosts and/or replicated. 
This is not really nginx anymore, but this may help.

You may also have a look at OpenBSD's hoststated.
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