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Janko Hauser jh at zscout.de
Tue Apr 8 17:50:44 MSD 2008

Am 08.04.2008 um 15:33 schrieb Phillip B Oldham:
> I don't think its a definate that the XML tree is going to be loaded  
> into memory twice. Some apps might build the XML as a string (ugly,  
> but possible), or simply pass-through an existing file. There's even  
> the possibility that it might pass-through from a feed of some kind  
> if nginx is working as a load-balancer/reverse-proxy.
> Given the right features I think such a module would be a great  
> addition to a great webserver.

Also have a look at deliverance, which is developed for the usecase to  
skin different inputs.


Probably together with the wsgi-module from Manilo.

With regards,

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