XSLT & hello

Valery Kholodkov valery at grid.net.ru
Tue Apr 8 20:39:42 MSD 2008

Greetings Chris!

It is definitely good idea to use STX instead of XSL due to
nginx's FSM architecture. This will allow also to scale
significantly more, since no complete XML tree will be stored
in memory.

Chris Farmiloe пишет:
> Hi, I've recently been thinking about simplifying my future web
> applications by making the back ends only speak XML .... and using XSL
> to present the information in browsers.
> Although the browser world appears to be ready now for client-side
> XSLT, I'm not sure the search-engines are... as a result I think I
> must still perform server side XSLT.
> I'm considering building an nginx module that could perform the
> transformations, but not having any experience writing modules for
> nginx, I thought I'd ask if this is wise? or maybe something like this
> would be better suited being proxied to a separate HTTP service?
> any thoughts would be appreciated?

Best regards,
Valery Kholodkov

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